But You

When I knew there was going to be a volume two of LesFic Eclectic, I sat in front of my computer and started to type. I started with a little cliche and just let my fingers trip over the keyboard without thinking too hard, without editing my stream of consciousness, without fear of judgement. Within two hours, I had my first draft of But You, an emotional tale from a femme point of view, from someone with low self-esteem and who’d given up on finding the romantic, Hollywood version of real love.

Spoiler alert…she finds it. As will all of the characters in the books I’ll write over the coming years. It started in August 2020 with my debut romance, Call to Me, the tale of Ash and Dr Evie, women from very different backgrounds with very different lives who find each other, with Ash believing Dr Evie is part of her soul group, someone she’s destined to be with.

Next up will be Leigh and Rix’s turn in Scripted Love, a romance set in Hollywood featuring a romance writer who doesn’t believe in happy ever afters. I’m aiming to release that in May 2021.

Whoever’s story I tell after that will also get their happy ending, and so on, and so on. Because I believe in them. I believe everyone should get one—or more than one. But back to LesFic Eclectic Volume Two. It’s the first time I’ll be featured in an anthology, and I can’t wait. I hope you’ll like the journey my girl goes on in But You, and I’m sure you’ll love the other stories by nineteen super talented authors. It’s out on Monday 21st December, but here’s the link to Volume One if you haven’t already got your free copy.

Happy Wednesday, lovely readers, and welcome to my world.

Ash Smith has plans. Sort of, anyway. She’s just landed her first job since finishing uni. She loves working with the young people at the youth centre, especially the ones who need a bit of extra attention. She’s determined to make something of herself but knows enough about love to know it’s not what she wants right now. Life is too full, too wild, to get tied down. That is, until she finds Java, a beautiful, abandoned dog who steals her heart.
Dr Evie Jackson is all about stability. She and her son live a calm, happy life, and although Evie misses companionship, a recent relationship taught her not to trust her instincts when it comes to women. Passing dalliances are all she’ll allow so she keeps her heart, and her son, safe. 
When Ash and Evie meet at the Hound Hotel where Evie volunteers, sparks fly. Ash is a free spirit, something that calls to Evie despite her knowing better, and Ash can’t get enough of Evie’s strong, sexy fire. 
But will they hear love’s call, or will they let it pass them by?