Hey there, and welcome to my little website. I only published my debut novel in August 2020, so there’s nothing much here yet. I’m excited to share with you that I’m having my first short story published in the free anthology LesFic Eclectic Volume Two, edited by Robyn Nyx (click here for your free eBook). My story, But You, is a sweet little tale of a woman who finds her forever in a supermarket aisle. I’m joined in the book by another nineteen authors, including the amazing Anna Larner, Brey Willows, and Emma Nichols, as well as lots of new and emerging writers like me! I hope you’ll like it.

You can grab your copy of my debut novel, Call to Me, on Amazon sites worldwide. It’s received some lovely reviews by top reviewers, The Lesbian Review, LesBi Reviewed, and Les Reveur, and it’s recently made the Top 10 of 2020 list on The Lesbian Review from one of their key reviewers, Victoria Thomas. I’m blown away with how much they loved it.